Electric Engines Will Never Fully Conquer the Combustion Engine

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

The ever-evolving world of cars is moving towards electric vehicles, and combustion engines are soon to be a thing of the past. The switch to electric, for many drivers, will be painless and actually enjoyable as the overall ride quality will be much smoother and quieter when compared to the combustion cars they have moved from. The majority of drivers will embrace battery-powered cars, while a subset of society will stand strong against the electric market for its basic qualities, the community I am talking about is the car community.

The average driver which looks for comfort and ease of use will love the new Evs coming to market. The cars offered by Tesla are a great example of these qualities being served; they are quiet and very comfy with their very unassuming seats which provide amazing, face against the car window, sleep experiences. The new Tesla models are also coming out of the factory with very nearly self-driving abilities that are useful on the highways for long trips. This has been seen in many videos, with people being completely asleep at the wheel of Teslas while the cars continue to drive on perfectly fine. This is a great advancement in traveling but also a terrible opportunity for unexpected accidents to occur as the cars are not as aware as a human would be about the cars around ahead or behind them. Another great quality that will allow acceptance of these cars is their impact on the environment. The US public sees the new EVs as zero-emission cars, this, in turn, influences consumers to get into an Ev instead of another gasoline-engined one for their next car. The greater number of the public sees cars as a mode of transport and not much else, inviting any car going to towards that objective into their homes.

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

For the car community, even the humble family car is not just a mode of transportation but a way to have fun with the boys, and when modified, an extension of their personality. The car community is rooted deeply in gasoline engines and the consequential tweaking of said engines. The car culture that is known today has been many decades in the making and the combustion engine has always been a centerpiece exhibited for its many forms which can take many different styles. The subject of powerplants in cars is so important to enthusiasts, that there are whole sects of the car community based upon certain engines with forums and aftermarket websites dedicated to that very part of cars. Every engine is different based upon the brands, trim levels, and years of the vehicles. When we look into why they value their engines, many things stick out that point to distinction among the vast amount of engines; the sound, the power, the cylinders, and the accessories are the defining characteristics that make each engine its own. An example of a cult classic car is the Mk4 Supra, a 1990s Japanese car that captured the attention of everyone in the car community when car tuners saw the potential in the engine for massive power. The other attraction was the design of the car’s body causing the car to stick to the ground with its smooth body curves, that would provide lots of downforce to the car allowing it to carry out all the driver’s whims of flooring the gas, not worrying about flying upward at 200+mph. The sound of the car’s engine is totally unique with almost any car guy able to pick out that it is a 2jz engine just from hearing it fly by on the road. The sheer following cars have will hold out the love and need for combustion engines on that stance but also in a steady manner of modding. When thinking of electric cars the main thought isn’t that modifying is possible or easy, and if anything the Ev cars of today don’t have any aftermarket capability, which is to say they cannot seem to be upgraded by the owners.

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The combustion engine will never gain its top height again but it will most definitely keep its position in the car community and will not lose out to a driverless experience which is the offering of the Evs of today. The electric vehicles will never be able to gain the entirety of the market and the automakers of today like Nissan have noticed; making new combustion cars that try to connect themselves to the old cars that made them great, and which are still marveled over in the car community of today. The Ev market is running on expensive materials, which might force more expensive prices upon consumers in the future. The Ev market will try but will never fully engulf the gasoline vehicle market.



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